May 17, 2020

Steven Boyer

Steven Boyer (Hustlers, Orange is the New Black, Chicago: Fire, The Blacklist, and Tony-Award Nominee for Hand to God), Nick's old partner in both committing and fighting crime on their beloved little comedy Trial & Error, hops on the phone from his place in Brooklyn and tells a beautiful story about what led to his conversion to Reform Judaism.  Born in Columbus, Ohio to a loving Presbyterian family that did not practice weekly, or even monthly, Steven found himself at a young age seeking out a deeper religious connection than what he had at hand.  He spent time with Evangelicals, and time as an Agnostic Secular Humanist, but his life transformed emotionally, practically and spiritually upon meeting the woman whom he would marry.  Feeling no pressure from her or her family, Steven began to feel a resonant kinship with the synagogue at which his wife's family attended service, and he decided to convert when they were engaged.  Steven talks affectingly about the Jewish concepts of dayenu and tikkun olam, and he and Nick reminisce about how they were together in Vancouver when Steven led a Passover Seder for the first time (Jewish fans of the show may find a "bone" of contention in the story wink wink).  It's a warm, heartfelt, thoughtful and loving story, and it was an honor to listen to an old friend tell it.


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