April 5, 2020

Steve Hernandez

Steve Hernandez (Comedian, founder of Chatterbox Comedy Night, field reporter on Sarah Silverman's "I Love You, America!" and host of multiple podcasts) fearlessly visits Nick's studio as a total stranger, and is thankfully won over by a cup of coffee.  Nick, in turn, is won over by Steve's hearty laugh, his thoughtful reflection and his devotion to living life as kindly and honestly as possible.  Steve's spiritual journey begins as a devout young child raised in Faith Church, an Evangelical Christian community in West Covina, CA.  He tells a story about nearly entering the Army, and then becoming a leading Youth Minister in the church, only to leave the church as a young man who, as Steve puts it, "had a lot of sin his life."  Steve's journey continues through a marriage and subsequent divorce before he discovers ultimately where he is supposed to be - comedy.  Steve refers to himself as queer, and talks openly and at length about his polyamorous lifestyle as well as his devotion to his girlfriend, and how he's been able to understand himself and his personal relationship to God on new and evolving levels.  It's an enlightening, entertaining, honest and warm conversation, and I loved having him on the show.

Here are iTunes links to all three of Steve's podcasts (find him @hernia on social):

Who's Your God?

The Male Gaze

Views From The Vista    

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