March 8, 2020

Robert Baker

Friend, and fellow Fantasy Football League-mate Robert Baker (Grey's Anatomy, Wrecked, Texas Rising, Justified, Supergirl) visits the studio, and it's only natural that the two former Champs would take a moment to reflect upon their shared successes before hopping into the larger question of God.  Robert grew up on a farm in West Memphis, Arkansas, surrounded by a Baptist Christian community - where there was even a Church located on the farm - but Robert and his family were not particularly religious.  Robert, like Nicholas, is a husband, a father to a young son, and is reflecting on turning 40 years old - but the most defining moment in Robert's life came when he was 16, with the shocking death of his father.  Unsurprisingly, that event not only took Robert years to process, but it remains a point of contemplation that Robert has turned to time and again throughout his life.  Robert shares openly and thoughtfully about this experience, his time in and out of the Church, and his evolving relationship to God and wonder.  It's a beautiful, reflective, and joyful conversation, and it was an honor to have him on the show.   

Here are two songs from a 1986 live performance of Robert's dad singing and playing lead guitar in his beloved Memphis band - Mud Boy and the Neutrons...

And a link to their full length album from 1993 - Negro Streets At Dawn...

And a tribute written in the Memphis Flyer about Lee Baker after his death. 

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