May 3, 2020

Fr. Paul “Pablo” Burson

Paul “Pablo” Burson (Director of Student Development and Community Partnerships at Regis University, and a Priest in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion), a dear friend and former teacher of Nick’s, joins the show, and Pablo’s inner light, his kindness, and his calm reverence for God and the spiritual life make for sublime conversation.  Pablo’s story is extraordinary.  He entered the seminary at the age of 14, would be ordained at 27, would be transformed while ministering in Guatemala, and would later marry, become a father, and find a new church in which to practice and preach.  He tells of the turmoil surrounding his choice to renounce his vow of chastity, which involved not only his inner spiritual life at the time, but his relationship to his parents, as well as another tragic revelation from his youth.  But Pablo’s story is one of healing and reconciliation, and his spiritual calling is to build bridges in the same fashion.  It is a warm, loving, joyful and generous hour, and it was a great honor to have him on the show.

Something I learned: Pablo was influenced in his early training by a style of prayer that resembles the Pentecostal experience -- Charismatic Catholic Renewal

Pablo tells a story about where the practice of his inner spiritual life blossomed, during his time spent at The Abbey of Gethsemani -- where Thomas Merton lived as a monk. 

If you're in Denver, CO, you and all are welcome to attend a service with Pablo and his faith community at The Church of the Beloved

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