March 1, 2020

Paul James

Paul James (Greek, The Path, Hot Zone, Soundtrack) visits the studio and instantly puts Nicholas on his heels by revealing that Nicholas' beloved, bottom shelf, American steel-cut oats might be laced with some sort of new 21st Century toxin.  Paul kindly offers to feed all of us his clean, organic, Irish steel-cut oats (for a price), and just as soon as Paul provides his address we can go knock on his door for breakfast.  What we don't have to pay for, however, is Paul's illuminating story about growing up a Christian Scientist - a denomination of Christianity that encourages belief in the healing power of prayer, instead of the use of modern medicines, as the best tool for curing illnesses.  This ranges from the treatment of illnesses as large as cancer, to such mundanities as not using Neosporin for cuts.  Equally as compelling are Paul's reflections on the sudden death of his father, when Paul was still a young man.  Paul speaks about his journey through that difficult time, his new understanding of the unconscious pessimism he lived with in the aftermath of that event, and how he has recently begun exploring a more hopeful, and enriching, path forward in his life.  It's a beautiful, thoughtful, funny, and reflective conversation.  It was a joy to have him on the show.

Something Paul's mother told him about, that I promised I'd link here: Tapping

And another, for good measure: Woo Woo

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