April 26, 2020

Louise Spinner

Louise Spinner (former Senior Talent Agent in the Motion Picture Department at UTA/United Talent Agency), Nick's very first (and now most recent) talent representative, hops on the phone to share about why she is presently stepping away from her 30+ year career in the entertainment business, and what she hopes to gain by doing so.  She also talks about growing up the only biological child of two Reformed Jewish parents who each had prior marriages and families, and the way her perspective on life shifted in the wake of their deaths.  Especially touching are her intimate reflections on the unexpected passing of her mother to cancer.  Now a divorced mother of three who is seeking a more wholesome and balanced life inside a business that seems to resist those notions at every turn, Louise offers hard-earned wisdom on the struggle of aligning one's priorities in life, and why, despite the difficulty, it's important work to do when you still have the chance.

Something I learned about after having already become a father... "Push Presents

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