July 19, 2020

Krysta Rodriguez

Actor, singer and Broadway star Krysta Rodriguez (Stage: In The Heights, The Addams Family, First Date, Spring Awakening... Screen: Smash, Chasing Life, Quantico, Daybreak) generously hops on the phone with Nick from her place in New York City, and she tells a powerful story about her evolution of faith, and the physical and spiritual transformation she undertook after battling breast cancer at just 30 years old.  Nick and Krysta became friends during their time on Trial & Error together, but they actually met a few years before that on a pilot, just a few months before Krysta would get her cancer diagnosis.  It's an extraordinary journey to listen to, and Krysta is funny, honest, raw, revealing and self-assured as she confidently guides us through her faith and doubt, the centering existential threat of cancer, and the self-revelations of her survival.  It's an absolute honor to share her story with you.


At one point, Krysta speaks about the blog she wrote regarding her year battling cancer.  Here's the link: ChemoCouture  

And here is a link to a powerful interview with Krysta (fit with a tweet and picture of the two of us from Trial & Error) where she talks about what womanhood means in the face of cancer and chemotherapy: TheBreastCancerSite.com   

Finally, and gleefully, here is the link to an episode of the Christian Kids' TV show that Krysta performed on when she was oh so young: Colby's Clubhouse (Note: I chose this one because Krysta has the starring storyline of the episode, even though the film quality is gritty; but there's a wealth of great Krysta stuff all over these episodes, and it is delightful to watch how her talent stands out next to her peers.)  


Krysta's Instagram: @krysta_rod


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