September 27, 2020

Kitty Swink

Cancer survivor (twice), her mothers' last moments and words, her fathers' last years, the importance of live theatre and Jin Shin Jyutsu.


Kitty Swink (The Fosters, Crossing Jordan, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Patty Hearst, In The Mood) is a professional actor, and Co-Artistic Director of The Antaeus Theatre Company (where I am a member).  Kitty opens a window for us into her nuclear family, and the extraordinary pairing that was her father and mothers' marriage.  With deep affection, charm and lots of humor, Kitty tells about her mothers' final days, spent at home in the embrace of her loving family.  What is captured in her telling is the poignant, sweet, authentic, hilarious, ludicrous, magical and mysterious nature of the final moments of a human life. 

Kitty opens up about the complexities of her fathers' last years too, as well as her own brushes with death, having now been a cancer survivor twice over.  It is a sublime hour, spent in reverence for life, and in meditation on what gives it meaning.  


Kitty speaks about a healing art that she credits, alongside the work of her oncologists, with saving her life after cancer and bringing her back to full health: Jin Shin Jyutsu 

At one point, Kitty tells a heartwarming story about me and one of her dear friends and mentors who passed away in 2013: Joe Ruskin


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