July 12, 2020

John Bobek

Nick's dear friend, John Bobek (A Series Of Unfortunate Events, American Crime, The West Wing, singer-songwriter), visits the show this week, and he shares about the spirituality he finds in music, his father's battle with Parkinson's Disease, and the loss of his mother eight years ago.  Nick and John met as theatre students at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and their friendship has blossomed over the 15+ years they've spent together in Los Angeles.  The easy familiarity of the conversation reflects that, but that doesn't mean Nick wasn't surprised by many of the new things he discovered about his old friend.  It's a deeply heartfelt episode, full of love and affection for life and family and art, and it's an honor to share his story with you.  (p.s. Be sure to stay for the Easter Egg at the end of the episode to learn how John got his nickname...) 


John's been making beer bread.  Here's a link to a recipe: NYT Cooking

At one point, John shares about his affection for a brilliant mathematical discovery (from the Middle Ages) regarding patterns in everyday life and nature... here's a link: The Fibonacci Sequence

John is inspired by the idea that energy cannot be created nor destroyed and, because of that, a part of everyone who has ever lived still exists in some form on Earth today.  Here's a link to an article that speaks to this idea, and the comfort it may provide: The Physics of Death

Finally, I used to do a goofy YouTube series with my buddy, Evan Gaustad.  Here's a link to an episode that featured John: Unhistorical Skypenactments


John's Instagram: @jonbonjobek

John's Bandcamp for Music: John Bobek

John's Twitter: @johnbobek


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