June 28, 2020

Joe Holt

Joe Holt (The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Law & Order, Scandal, Greys Anatomy) is on the show this week, and we're catching him at a rich and poignant moment in his life journey.  The son of a high-ranking, Black Air Force officer, Joe shares a unique perspective on the juxtaposition of where the qualities of confidence, character, aptitude and honor, meet with the insidious, painful and ugly realities of racism.  Born to a family of achievers and civil rights activists, and having moved with his family from New Jersey to Alabama when he was twelve, Joe speaks about the struggles he faced as his determination never to make excuses for himself met with the unyielding unfairnesses of being judged foremost by the color of his skin.  However, one place where he found an even playing field was in sports, and Joe shares eloquently about what it means to him to compete, and to do it in the context of a loving, team bond.  That same energy and love for family and community has fed him as an actor and artist, and his hard-earned wisdom from his journey of self-discovery has brought him to a present moment where, for the first real time in his life, he sees a sustainable future filled with good health, success, and joy.  (He's also really funny and we have a good breakfast bit.)    


Here's a link to an astounding story of strength exhibited by Joe's father and family in the fight to desegregate schools in Raleigh, North Carolina: "Joe Holt, Jr.: The first student to challenge Raleigh's segregated schools"      

Joe's Instagram: @joeholtactor

Joe's Facebook: Joseph Holt


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