February 9, 2020

Halie Rosenberg

Halie Rosenberg (Writer/Producer, SEO Strategist for Fortune 500 Companies) visits the studio and wastes no time dropping the ‘ol 1-2 punch: Quakerism and Cabbage.  (Halie was raised a Quaker, and it turns out she also loves cabbage.)  Halie generously opens up about the philosophy of the Quakers, and how their practice of meditative silence in "Meetings" still influences her today.  Even more compelling are her reflections on the deaths of her father and step-mother, just six weeks apart.  Their shocking loss has inspired Halie to re-think her present, live more in the moment, and re-define for herself what a happier and more fulfilling future might look like.  It’s a deeply thoughtful, informative, sometimes sad, and yet very funny conversation.  It was a joy to have her on the show.

Something that might interest you: This list of surprising celebrity Quakers!

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