July 26, 2020

Eric Blume

Eric Blume (Writer/Director/Producer at Comedy Central, Netflix, truTV, Funny Or Die!, Cartoon Network; Commercial Director for J. Crew, L'Oreal, Axe) is the guest this week, and he and Nick are old friends, having met doing promotional stuff on Comedy Central for FIRED UP (a long time ago).  Eric was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a Roman Catholic, although he doesn't practice the tradition today.  He has affection for his Catholic education, and a loving relationship with his mother who still practices it, but Eric shares that he just never really connected deeply with the faith.  Nor did he appreciate the rejection and judgement from the Church that came along with his being gay.  Eric opens up about his difficult relationship with his father, the scare he went through when his husband David was diagnosed with cancer, and why comedy is more than just laughs.  Eric is funny, irreverent, kind, generous and revealing throughout the conversation, which makes for a special episode.  It was a joy to dig in with an old friend.  


At one point we discuss the mystery of the Catholic Trinity, and the difficult to discern nature of the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit.  Here's a link that emphasizes the Holy Spirit as being a God-person: Who Is The Holy Spirit? 

Looking for a deeper dive?: Explaining the Trinity

And here is a link to works by the poetry professor Eric speaks of warmly in the episode: Bruce Weigl


Eric's Official Website: theericblume.com

Eric's Instagram: @theericblume


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