May 10, 2020

David Walton

David Walton (Council of Dads, New Girl, Masters of Sex, About a Boy, Bad Moms, Fired Up!) and Nick, old friends who were cast as best friends in the first TV pilot either of them ever booked nearly 20 years ago, open up a conversation that surprises both of them in the nature of its' depth, its' generosity, and its' vulnerability.  Unwittingly, both came to the discussion with an offer for healing - Nick, by exorcising past feelings of hurt from when he was replaced off that aforementioned pilot from two decades ago before it went to series; and David, in sharing that he too had the idea to start a podcast on religion similar to G.O.D., and how he was initially reticent to listen.  What follows is the joyfully grounding discovery that they are sharing in similar spiritual journeys at present, along with many of the same questions, concerns and hopes about where they are headed.  It is a free-flowing and loving conversation, and both men left it with a deep sense of gratitude for the moment.

David's luxury bathrobe company gets a lot of great run in this story... enjoy the payoff, and learn more about Wakanicci Bathrobes here

David's breakfast tip: Butter coffee with MCT oil from Bulletproof?  Love iiiiiiiit!

And now for those FU! fans out there... here's where Nick and Shawn meet Dr. Rick.

David's Instagram: @davidwalton

Twitter: @nicholasdagosto #GodsDelicateShow 

Instagram: @nicholasdagosto #GodsDelicateShow

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Music by Sean Whalen, Art by Alexandra Delano

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