February 23, 2020

David Muller

David Muller (Los Angeles-based headshot and portrait photographer, named one of LA's favorite headshot photographers by Backstage Reader's Choice Awards) visits the studio for what becomes an extraordinarily revealing look into what he refers to as his time spent in a Christian "cult".  David tells a story as surprising as it is understandable, beginning as a secular middle-schooler, and transitioning step-by-step from being Born Again, to Pentecostal, to something much more extreme and unhealthy, always following his Mother along this astounding journey.  David is free from this past now, and his faith today, although one of genuine spirituality, is rooted in science, evolution, and reason.  But all of the pain, agony, sincerity and even euphoria of those years are palpable in his voice and his words as he recalls for us his dramatic upbringing.  It was a gift to listen to his story. 

Something to share: Here's a link to a famous pastor - T.D. Jakes -  who at times in the video you will see Speaking in Tongues...

... However!  Here's a link to an article about how T.D. Jakes has now moved away from his Pentecostal "Oneness" faith, to a more Trinitarian point-of-view.

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