March 22, 2020

Dan Sachoff

This week, Dan Sachoff (Zooey's Extraordinary Playlist, Black-ish, Scrubs, The Closer, Prison Break) visits the studio as kind repayment for when Nicholas was recently a guest on Dan's podcast, Christianese (ep #44).  Dan tells a beautiful and detailed story about his faith journey in Christ.  He weaves together his early challenges comprehending his mothers' addiction to painkillers and his fathers' health scares, on through to the solidification and deepening of his faith upon meeting his wife and becoming a father.  Dan co-hosts Christianese with his friend and Grace Baptist Church pastor, Jared Burkholder, and their core mission is to attempt to bridge a divide between what they see as their too often insular world of devout Christianity, with the diverse and/or secular world of belief outside their faith community.  Dan often says his hope is that "through open and honest dialogue we may find disagreements, but there's no reason we can't be thankful for the conversation and still part friends".  I believe we achieved that on both of our podcasts, and I'm thankful that Dan tackled many challenging questions so generously and openly.

Here's an article that discusses a concept Dan introduced me to regarding the missionary aspect of believing in God's inerrant Biblical Word: Mission Field

And here's another link to my episode on Dan and Jared's podcast: Christianese (ep #44)

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