May 24, 2020

Arsène DeLay

Arsène DeLay (New Orleans-based singer/songwriter/musician with multiple award-winning albums and music featured on NCIS: New Orleans, MFA graduate of California Institute of the Arts) hops on the phone with Nick, and the old college theatre buddies (Marquette University) share a beautiful catch-up after having not seen each other since Nick and his wife visited her in New Orleans six years ago.  Arsène grew up the daughter of an active-duty military father, and she has the travel history to prove it.  But her family lineage is quintessentially New Orleanian, and the story of her spiritual journey to this point centers on the return to her familial and musical community there.  Arsène shares openly and deeply about the trials and joys of living in her beloved city, the richness of the culture she relies on there, and the particularly painful challenges New Orleans is dealing with today.  It's an intimate story which reveals as much about Arsène as it does New Orleans itself, and it was an honor to listen to her tell it. 


Here's a short video that gives insight into something Arsène speaks about in the episode: The New Orleans "Second Line"


And here's Arsène performing a song with The Charlie Wooton Project that is damn-near guaranteed to get you shakin' something: Boogie On Reggae Woman  


Arsène Delay Official Website:

Arsène Facebook: Arsène DeLay Music

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Instagram: @nicholasdagosto #GodsDelicateShow

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Music by Sean Whalen, Art by Alexandra Delano

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