June 7, 2020

An Episode on Race: Amanda Payton & Arsène DeLay

Amanda Payton and Arsène DeLay - both previous guests on the podcast, and dear friends of Nick's - generously agreed to return to the show to discuss both the issue of race and how it has affected them directly in their lives, as well as their thoughts and emotions regarding the present moment as we collectively process the tragic murders of George Floyd, and other victims past and present.  Amanda and Arsène are both Black women and, although they speak only for themselves and make clear that every person who has suffered racial abuse has their own unique story to tell, their stories are all too common and universal to the American black experience.  They are honest, powerful, complex, horrifying and compelling stories, filled with love and heartbreak for their fellow humans and this country itself.  I hope you will take the time to listen.     

It is impossible for me to overstate how deeply honored, appreciative, and humbled I am that these two extraordinary women took the time and energy to share so openly with me about what it is like living as a Black person in this country.  I am grateful to help share their stories, their thoughts, and their messages.  I am also grateful for what they've given me as I continue my life journey, hopefully that much more aware of the immense challenges facing some of my friends and fellow humans.

At the end of her segment, Amanda mentions a number of resources to which you can turn for education on the subject of race relations, as well as ways to support the causes of civil justice and equality in our country. 

They are:

White Fragility - A book by Robin DiAngelo 

The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund 

Minnesota Freedom Fund 

Black Visions Collective 

Fair Fight 

Reclaim the Block 



I would also like to place a link here to an article I found to be very illuminating, and which has already helped guide me on how to approach conversations surrounding race with greater awareness: 

What Is White Privilege, Really? - by Cory Collins at the Teaching Tolerance website


Amanda's instagram: @amanda_payton

Arsène's instagram: @arsenedelaymusic


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