April 12, 2020

Amy Miller

Amy Miller (One of Comedy Central's "Up Next" comics for 2018; her album "Solid Gold" was named a Top 10 comedy album of 2016 by Interrobang) has been complimented by established comedians as both "alpha" and "fierce".  Well, no different here, as she was the alpha-guest regarding my first Covid-19 phone interview, and then afterwards would reveal to me that she had no idea who I was (or what she was getting into) until she looked me up on Instagram when we had finished.  That same ferocity and fearlessness shined through in the episode, as she spoke boldly, clearly and thoughtfully about what defined her upbringing and early spirituality, and what defines her outlook and comedic commentary today.  From a challenging childhood that found her leaning heavily on her Christian faith for strength and guidance, to an adulthood that rejected that Christian label but still finds her exploring the conversation of God every week on her podcast "Who's Your God?", Amy demonstrates the sincerity, empathy, and edge that makes her such a compelling comedian.  It was an honor to have her on the show. 

To all my listeners named "Jeff" out there... this one's for you.

Instagram: @amymillercomedy & @whosyourgodcast

Twitter: @nicholasdagosto #GodsDelicateShow 

Instagram: @nicholasdagosto #GodsDelicateShow

Official Website: nicholasdagosto.com

Music by Sean Whalen, Art by Alexandra Delano

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