December 26, 2019

Will Greenberg

Will Greenberg (Perfect Harmony, Wrecked, Abby's, The Grinder) is an old friend of Nicholas', and in honor of him Will ate a badass tofu scramble to get ready for the show (Nicholas is a flexitarian).  Will is Jewish and was raised in Texas, and although his family participated in a Reformed Jewish religious lifestyle, he does not identify very strongly as being Jewish.  He's much more into exploring alternate paths of spirituality, and he speaks in detail about some extraordinary moments of spiritual growth he experienced through the use of LSD and psychedelics.  Nicholas has had experiences like this too, and both guys share about how they've seen PHISH a few times together... under the influence.  Also, Will reveals how, growing up, you could tell a kids religion by their video game consoles (Nintendo = Christian, Sega = Jewish). 

Something I screwed up: Apparently, STEEL MAGNOLIAS and FRIED GREEN TOMATOES are not the same movie?? 

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Music by Sean Whalen, Art by Alexandra Delano 

Interview Originally Recorded at Brigade Radio One Studios   

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