December 26, 2019

Eliza Clark

Eliza Clark (Writer/Producer: Y The Last Man, Animal Kingdom, Extant, The Killing) visits the show and immediately starts throwing around her "sexy" voice for the listeners (read: She had a nasty cold).  Eliza and Nicholas talk a little about her play QUACK, which is where they met, and Nicholas' turn playing the character Brock, a misogynistic men's rights advocate (a fan favorite).  Eliza was raised a staunch Atheist by her (Agnostic?) father, but later in life she discovered that her mother is a woman of faith.  The whole family adores and celebrates the rituals and spirit of the Christmas holidays, and Eliza shares openly about how her love of the magic in life shines through in these moments.  They each spend some time talking about the difficulties of balancing a desire for your parents' approval, with the competing desire of developing your own individuality and point of view.  Also, she doesn't recommend telling your children that they may come back as a dog after they die.   

Something I read after this interview: Christopher Hitchens' essay "Why Women Aren't Funny."  (Eliza's right.  It's more offensive than enlightening, and it's not quite funny enough to make up for that discrepancy.  But Christopher Hitchens has been a very important resource for me.  I'm a big fan.) 

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Music by Sean Whalen, Art by Alexandra Delano 

Interview Originally Recorded at Brigade Radio One Studios

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