February 2, 2020

Julia Cunningham

Julia Cunningham (SiriusXM DJ and Co-Host of "The Jess Cagle Show") takes time out of her busy schedule (she's leaving for her honeymoon tomorrow!) to visit the studio and rap about growing up the daughter of a Theologian who specialized in Thomas Merton.  Julia has fond memories of her Catholic upbringing, as well as the years where her family would go to service at a Greek Orthodox Church, but her participation in the religion fell away in her early adulthood as she pursued her career.  Now, having just been married, she's turning her mind toward what her family faith structure might look like in the future.  She also discusses meditation, ghosts, and the cat outside her window that won't stop pulling at her heartstrings. 

Something I'd Like to Do Now: Visit the University of Notre Dame, with its' famous Golden Dome, in Autumn. 

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Music by Sean Whalen, Art by Alexandra Delano

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