January 19, 2020

Anam Vadgama

Anam Vadgama (Staff Member at the non-profit charity The Life You Can Save) and Nicholas met at a Los Angeles charity event for TLYCS, and Nicholas was thrilled to get her into the studio before she hopped on a plane that would ultimately take her back to her home in Mumbai, India.  Anam is a recent graduate of Princeton, and a brilliant and passionate activist for social change, especially in her own community.  She is a devoted and faithful Muslim - the religion within which she was raised - but her own study of Islam has led her to a new understanding and appreciation of her faith.  The tension between being a modern female Ivy League graduate, and a Muslim woman devoted to her Indian community, is palpable in her story, and it informs the direction of her life.  She is inspiring and courageous, and she has a lot to share about religion, including how she joyfully celebrates the religions of all of her friends (and they hers) in her Indian collectivist culture.  It was a great honor to have her on the show.   

A gift Anam brought me!: The Sixth String of Vilayat Khan   

An important clarification: Anam speaks at one point about the Five Categories of Human Action in Sharia Law, and has trouble remembering one of the five... but only because she forgot it in English, not Arabic! 

Another important clarification: My son eats much healthier when his mother isn't working out of town (read: Daddy pretty much just cooks noodles). 

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