January 12, 2020

Charlie Bresler

Charlie Bresler (Volunteer Executive Director of the non-profit charity The Life You Can Save) visits the studio the morning of a big Los Angeles charity event for TLYCS, and in preparation for Nicholas' speech that night, Charlie gets him to open up about the always-compelling "Would you rather be called Nick or Nicholas" question (note: answer revealed!).  Following a plug for Le Pain Quotidien, Charlie talks about his preoccupation with his own death, and the turmoil he sometimes experiences regarding his belief that he will never see his family again in the afterlife.  Charlie is in deep reflection about what he views as his greatest challenge - dissolving the pull of his ego towards vanity, while at the same time remaining deeply active in the pursuit of making the world a better place.  It's a generous and inspiring interview, full of humor and tragedy and sincerity.   

A recommendation I was happy to receive: Buddhist Monk/Activist Thich Nhat Hanh   

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