December 26, 2019

Dr. Ronald Peterson

Dr. Ronald Peterson (Retired OB/GYN) comes on the show and instantly impresses Nicholas with his choice of juice at breakfast that morning (grapefruit).  Ron is a PK - a Preacher's Kid - and tells the story of growing up the son of a Pastor in the Swedish Lutheran Church.  Ron is an avid lover of history, and part of what makes his story so interesting is how it illuminates a bygone era.  What's more, Ron's historical knowledge, and his voracious appetite for reading, lead him in his adulthood to rethink and reinterpret the religious context within which he was raised, and in turn raised his family.  It also provides Nicholas an opportunity to geek out on some of his own favorite subjects - evolution and the history of life on Earth. 

Something I want to dive into: The Great Courses (a lecture series). 

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Music by Sean Whalen, Art by Alexandra Delano 

Interview Originally Recorded at Brigade Radio One Studios        

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