December 26, 2019

Nick Massouh

Nick Massouh (Lucifer, Ray Donovan, Madam Secretary, Designated Survivor) comes on the show, and he and Nicholas promptly begin dissecting the delights and pitfalls of an authentic soul food meal buffet (Taste: Exquisite... Indigestion: Rampant).  Nick comes from a long line of Antiochian Orthodox (Christian) Church leaders and priests, and shares his robust knowledge regarding that religions' history and place in the world.  He states, however, that he can't quite call himself a Christian today, because he sees Jesus as just one of the many gurus he has learned from on his journey to greater spiritual understanding.  He speaks about the challenges of diverging from his parents' faith, as well as the somber, but surprising spiritual connection he has found with his father in the wake of his mothers' passing.           

Something that blew my mind: How the Vow of Chastity works in the Antiochian Orthodox Church. 

Something I was excited to mention: The band "Stars of the Lid" is great, and they will help put you to sleep! 

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Music by Sean Whalen, Art by Alexandra Delano 

Interview Originally Recorded at Brigade Radio One Studios 

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